Small groups - courses on Saturdays


Benedict-Schule Zürich
Militärstrasse 106, 8004 Zürich

  • 8-minute walk from the main station, Bus No. 31
  • 3rd Stop from HB (Kanonengasse)
  • Free parking in the house 


Basic course: 1 semester / 20 weeks, vocabulary building and expansion to about 2500 words, implementation and completion of the grammar, intensive speech training, conversation exercises

Advanced Course: 1 semester / 20 weeks, vocabulary expansion to 3500 words with the deepening and expansion of grammar, improve speaking skills

Advanced Course: 1 semester / 20 weeks, vocabulary expansion to about 4500 words with deepening of grammar, conversation, special exercises


In each lesson enabled these critical elements. The goal - conversation in a wide range of everyday language - accessible thanks to the simple design of the grammar on very easy and pleasant way

Course content

  • Expansion of the basic vocabulary of about 800 words per course level
  • Strengthening and deepening of grammar
  • Making a call; dialogue exercises
  • Conversation training and speaking exercises
  • Reading and writing texts
  • General oral and written exercises
  • Preparation for language certificates and diplomas

Further information about the Saturday course

Target Group   For those who want to learn the languages or need and the individual
Instruction in small groups prefer for beginners who want to learn a language as intensively as possible want for professional and everyday language for advanced skiers, the existing language skills and brush up.
Placement test Placement tests are free and without obligation
Class size 4 - 8 participants
Course fees CHF 1'520.--
Teaching material CHF 60.-- to CHF 120.--
Course start Jan. / April / Aug. / Oct.
Course hours Saturday, 09.00 to 12.00
Duration 5 - 6 month