Privatstunden / Einzelunterricht

Course description

This type of course is particularly suitable for those who want to learn in a short time a foreign language or brush up on already existing knowledge. The language of instruction in this course type is only the target language. According to the intermediate and the desired learning goal, first a personal learning profile is created using this profile, the learning content, such as slang, economic or technical language, the number of necessary lessons and the course length identified and agreed.
The classes in a single intensive course is either in single or block hours (one or more contiguous units of instruction per day).
For a quick success you achieve in full-day classes (morning and afternoon classes), where you spend with your language trainer and the lunch time and is as sustainable in practical speech situations the common expressions and phrases for everyday usage appropriate.
Admission     No knowledge required

Further information about private lessons / individual classes

Requirements: No knowledge required
Course start: At any time